Blade QX3 quadcopter

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Lexington, KY
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Blade is releasing a new 350 QX quadcopter, the Blade 350 QX3!

Blade 350 QX3 Features:
  • GoPro-ready right out of the box (GoPro camera not included)
  • Easy to fly – no experience necessary
  • 15 minute flight time
  • Mast-mounted GPS antenna for improved GPS performance
  • Advanced SAFE (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) Technology
  • Smart Flight Mode – SAFE Circle barrier, stick relative control response and GPS/Altitude hold
  • AP Flight Mode – faster panning and tracking response with GPS/Altitude hold
  • Return Home function – aircraft returns to start up point and lands on its own
  • GoPro compatible camera mount
  • Optional Blade CGO2 GB 3-Axis stabilized HD camera available separately
  • E-flite 3000mAh 11.1V Li-Po Flight Battery
  • E-flite DC Li-Po Battery Charger with AC Adapter
  • Spektrum DX4 Transmitter
  • Four AA Transmitter Batteries

350 QX3 Video:



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Great Smoky Mountains
So much I want to say about how these things are marketed these days, but I'll start a thread about it later when I have time. Looks like a decent bird.
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