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  1. Tertianend

    My Projects - Hobao Hyper 7 - Team Durango DNX8

    Hey everyone just thought I would share my latest projects my 2001 Ofna Hyper 7 and my Team Durango DNX8 Nitro buggy’s. I’m just waiting on a set of Flexytub shock covers for both cars and a Novarossi Mito GT5/17 arriving to try out in an onroad set up on the Durango DNX8. 2001 Ofna Hyper 7...
  2. BamaFan

    Team Durango any good?

    Are these any good? Never heard of these and was just wondering if they was worth having. I attached a link at the one I'm looking at.
  3. override

    Sold / Found Team Durango DEX408 Roller w/ spares!

    Never raced the DEX only ran for fun with friends at the local track. Will come with everything as pictured. You should have enough spare parts to get you through a season. I would like to get $415 + s/h for DEX with Tekin 1900kv Motor. Boxed up and ready for a label, PM for shipping quote...