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  1. Tertianend

    My Projects - Hobao Hyper 7 - Team Durango DNX8

    Hey everyone just thought I would share my latest projects my 2001 Ofna Hyper 7 and my Team Durango DNX8 Nitro buggy’s. I’m just waiting on a set of Flexytub shock covers for both cars and a Novarossi Mito GT5/17 arriving to try out in an onroad set up on the Durango DNX8. 2001 Ofna Hyper 7...
  2. chaoticxr10

    Team Durango DEX410

    Hi folks,, I just wonder if any off you guys have the LRP FLOW esc in a dex410,, just wonder about the place? I have seen the lrp esc and it is bigger than the tekin rs pro,, or rsx.. Need to know if I am going for the right esc/motor combo with the flow worksteam and a 5.5T LRP motor.. Please...
  3. BamaFan

    Team Durango any good?

    Are these any good? Never heard of these and was just wondering if they was worth having. I attached a link at the one I'm looking at.
  4. override

    Sold Team Durango DEX408 Roller w/ spares!

    Never raced the DEX only ran for fun with friends at the local track. Will come with everything as pictured. You should have enough spare parts to get you through a season. I would like to get $415 + s/h for DEX with Tekin 1900kv Motor. Boxed up and ready for a label, PM for shipping quote...