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  1. Panko75

    Rated M for Mini. Tamiyas M chassis Write Up

    I have a confession to make, I like most M chassis. Most of them are very much borderline toy-grade, save for the M07/M08 you're looking at cheap plastic, bushings, friction shocks, etc. I always felt that they made for fun, if expensive "novelty" on-roaders. Just something fun to run around...
  2. Michalxo

    [Build] Orlandoo Hunter OH035A01 Kit - Jeep Wrangler

    Hello, as I promised to @WickedFog I am documenting here my first ever RC build. It came approximately 2 weeks ago. I messed up a little bit with painting (bad covering tape, too close with spray paint can etc.. usual beginner issues I suppose :) ). Here I am putting some pictures of my...
  3. T

    FS Racing 30CC Buggy 4wd conversion kit

    Hey there! First post here. I recently purchased a 1/5 FS Racing petrol buggy along with a tuned exhaust upgrade (which I had no trouble installing) and a 4WD conversion kit. (of which I haven't installed yet) However I am not very mechanically minded on what needs to be disassembled and...
  4. marauder

    Axial SCX10.2 Kit

    This was my first kit I’ve ever built. I must say axial hit it out of the park with this one. I had recently had a stroke in December of 2017, and needed something to help rehabilitate my hand since I work on computers. Being cooped up in the house with limited mobility I got into watching rc...