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  1. T

    Dual Nitro fuel tanks

    I am thinking of putting in a second fuel tank into my Hobao hyper 7 TQ2 Has anyone else done something similar? Any advice?
  2. O

    Fuel Tank Modification

    I have a couple of Exceed 1/10 Nitro Buggies. I was wondering if anyone has ever come across or invented a gas tank lid that you could fill quickly like a one-way valve? I see that they make pressure guns to "inject" the fuel fast, but you still have to get to the lid and open it, from what I...
  3. E

    Fuel tank positioning problem

    Hi guys. I recently completed my new car chassis and tried to start the engine for the first time in 4 months (was treated with WD-40 and oil last time it ran). I tried to run the engine but it wouldn't fire up. I poured some nitro (using 20% nitro fuel) down the glow plug hole, and then it...
  4. 6FtUndR87

    Savage XL, Savage Octane tank and radio box?

    I am converting my savage x ss to xl and am curious if anyone has (or if it is possible)done a octane radio box and fuel tank on an xl.... trying to get around the half tank lean issue without jimmy rigging anything...i want it to be as clean as possible. any input would be much appreciated. Thanks