1/8th scale

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  1. Toopizard

    1/10 scale car or truck body on 1/8 scale buggy

    So i have a 1/8 scale kyosho inferno VE 4WD and i was wondering if a 1/10 scale non buggy body would fit on it because the 1/8 scale car and truck bodies dimensions seem way to big to fit it. I want like an old station wagon, old truck or old van body. But i want it to be inset so it looks like...
  2. Patsfan40

    Looking at getting into 1/8 truggy.

    I'm still relatively new to the hobby but am mechanically inclined. I currently have a ecx ruckus with all metal gears and a castle 3500kv motor. Looking for something more durable and that is faster. I was looking at the arrma kraton but the wife said it's to expensive so what are my other...
  3. B

    What is a good nitro buggy to buy

    Hi, I'm looking for a nitro powered rc buggy that goes atleast 60 mph. I really want a buggy between 1/8th scale to 1/10 scale not a truck or truggy but i dont know whats best. I was looking at redcats backdraft 3.5 but idk how fast it goes is it good. I also want a buggy that has a air filter...
  4. O

    1/8 Nitro truck problem. Please help.

    Hello, I'm new to nitro rc i have had my nitro rc cars for a while, I "borrowed" them from my dad. I have used them for a for some time but i still have a lot to learn. Well lets get to the point. I was driving my 1/8 nitro truck and my engine fell out even after using thread lock. I re-applied...