ECX upgrades the Ruckus, Torment and Circuit to 4 wheel drive

ECX 4x4 chassis

ECX upgraded their Ruckus, Torment, and Circuit RC's from 2wheel drive to now 4 wheel drive versions. Along with the 4WD upgrade the new 4WD Ruckus, Torment, and Circuit come with a Spektrum 2.4GHz radio system, Li-Po ready ESC and waterproof electronics. All three are powered by a 15 turn Dynamite brushed motor and includes a 7 cell Ni-MH battery pack.

ECX Ruckus

ECX Torment

ECX Circuit

Part #: ECX03012 – ECX Ruckus 1/10 4WD Monster Truck Brushed RTR
Part #: ECX03013 – ECX Torment 1/10 4WD SCT Brushed RTR
Part #: ECX03011 – ECX Circuit 1:10 4wd Stadium Truck Brushed RTR
MSRP: $239.99