Duratrax 835B 1/8th Nitro Buggy

duratrax 835B red buggy

Check out Duratrax's new 1/8th nitro buggy. Duratrax knows there are a lot of tough buggies already on the market, but only one has a guarantee to back it's toughness – and that's the new 1/8th scale Duratrax 835B nitro buggy!

Loaded with Stress-tech parts and every one of them is protected by a 1 year replacement guarantee. If a stress-tech part fails during that first year, Duratrax will replace it for FREE!

The Duratrax 835B also features grey anodized aluminum parts and hardened steel parts in the drivetrain. Powering the Duratrax 835B is a SuperTigre G-27CX .27 engine, a power plant known for dependability and power, which also happens to be protected by a 3-year limited warranty.

duratrax 835B buggy chassis

The G-27CX .27 demands matching control and Duratrax provides it with a 2.4GHz FTR (Futaba Transmitter-Ready) system. It’s several steps above the usual ready-to-run radio, because it includes digital, metal-geared steering servo, 5-cell receiver pack and a wall charger. And since it’s an FTR system, it’s compatible with all Futaba 2.4GHz FHSS systems.

While it’s great for sport driving alone, the Duratrax 835B's power and radio system also make it a solid contender in venues all the way up to regional contests. Droop screws, hex head hardware and more offer track-tuning flexibility for the up-and-coming competitor all in one value-packed package.

Duratrax 835B 1/8th Nitro Buggy Features

  • Duratrax 2-channel FTR 2.4GHz radio system with digital steering servo, 5-cell, 1300mAh receiver pack and 110V wall charger
  • SuperTigre G-27CX .27 engine, with recoil starter, polished tuned pipe, glow plug and 3-year limited warranty.
  • Countersunk, hard-anodized 3.25mm aluminum chassis
  • Grey-anodized aluminum parts include threaded Big Bore shocks, drag link plate, front and rear shock towers and front hinge pin plate
  • Hardened steel driveshaft and gears
  • 3.5 mm shock shafts
  • 4 mm shock towers
  • 4.5 mm tie-rod turnbuckles
  • 5 mm camber turnbuckles
  • Droop screws front and rear
  • Installed front and rear sway bars
  • Hex head hardware throughout
  • Fuel tank with a race-inspired “ring-pull” lid
  • High-downforce wing
  • Mounted racing tires with foam inserts and 17 mm hex hubs
  • Body in four sizzling trim schemes

Duratrax 835B Specifications:

Length: 19.9 in (505 mm)
Width: 11.9 in (302 mm)
Height: 7.5 in (190 mm)
Wheelbase: 12.8 in (325 mm)
Weight: 7.9 lb (3565 g)

Part Numbers:
DTXD72BB – 1/8 835B Buggy .27 2.4GHz RTR Blue
DTXD72NN – 1/8 835B Buggy .27 2.4GHz RTR Orange
DTXD72RR – 1/8 835B Buggy .27 2.4GHz RTR Red
DTXD72YY – 1/8 835B Buggy .27 2.4GHz RTR Yellow

Retail Price: $349.99

The Duratrax 835B will be available early July 2012.