DODGE STRATUS 3.0 190mm All-Purpose

DODGE STRATUS 3.0 from Pro-line

Continuing the legacy of great performing Dodge racebodies, PROTOform is proud to announce the release of a Stratus 3.0 body that is perfectly suited to a wide variety of race conditions where an abundance of downforce and balance is required. Because it is so suitable to so many track surfaces and tire choices, we have called it the “All Purpose” 3.0 Stratus. Extensive testing has proven that this 190 mm body is a real performer in these situations:
-rubber tire on paved surfaces
-rubber tire on carpet
-foam tire on low to medium bite carpet

As usual this quality .030 lexan body has protective film on iy to ease painting, and includes an add-on wing and mounting hardware. This body is easy to drive and easy on the eyes – the same great combination that has brought PROTOform 7 IFMAR World championships!

Proline Racing