Crowd Pleazer Muscle from Pro-Line Racing

Crowd Pleazer Muscle 2.0 Body

Crowd Pleazer Muscle 2.0 Body – for T/E/2.5-MAXX, Revo, and Savage

The Crowd Pleazer originated as an all-out race body. With it's overwhelming success on the track, it only made sense to morph the body into something that we can all relate to todays customized muscle car. This Crowd Pleazer, unlike its predecessors, strictly appeals to the true car enthusiast.

The 4-door panel design coupled with Crowd Pleazer innovation give it a unique blend of off-road meets on-road. It truly conveys today's American muscle car movement with its cowl inducted hood scoop and recessed scoop door panels.

When you're looking to Americanize your T/E/2.5-MAXX, Savage or Revo with today's muscle car styling, then check out the all-new Crowd Pleazer Muscle 2.0 body.

UPC #: 67511813212