CEN Matrix5-SC 1/5th scale short course truck

CEN Matrix5-SC

The CEN Matrix5-SC, built on the popular CEN Matrix5-B buggy chassis, is CEN's newest 1/5th scale gas powered RC!. Offers full time 4WD and superior performance and handling. The newly developed 1/5th scale cars by CEN Racing are equipped with 4 ultra big bore threaded aluminum oil filled shocks that absorb rough terrain while maintaining balance and control. This 1/5th scale has proven to be one of the largest, most powerful gas powered r/c cars in market!

CEN Matrix5-SC chassis

The CEN Matrix5-SC is fully equipped with precision ball bearings for an ultra smooth drive-train which is powered by a powerful 30cc 2 stroke gasoline engine that uses ordinary gasoline with 2 stroke oil mixed in. Stopping this massive vehicle is easy with the dual disc high temp breaking system.

CEN Racing's Maxtrix5-SC is equipped with a fully adjustable suspension, along with camber and toe in adjustments. It comes fully assembled and Ready To Run including FM Digital electronics. The massive 8 inch wheels and tires are pre-glued and ready to rock. Even body shell comes fully painted and decaled as well!

CEN Matrix5-SC Specs

Length: 750mm (29.5inch)
Height: 330mm (13 inch)
Width: 450mm (17.7 inch)
Wheel Base: 520mm (20.5inch)
Weight: 15kg (33 lbs)
Tire Diameter: 150 x 60
Gear Ratio: 7.68: 1

CEN Matrix5-SC side

CEN Matrix5-SC Features

  • One metal gear including steering servo
  • CVD flexible bevel shaft
  • All metal gear front or rear diff
  • 4mm stiffened anodized aluminum T6 chassis
  • Universal joint cup suspension system
  • Adjustable with double wishbones
  • 4 step gear reduction system
  • 4 full aluminum oil-pressure shock absorbers
  • Easy adjustable caster angle: 0 to 6 degrees
  • Adjustable camber angle and toe-in angle

MSRP: $899.99

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