Axial 2.2 Rockster Rock Crawler Beadlocks

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Axial 2.2 Rockster Rock Crawler Beadlocks

If you’re into R/C Rock Crawling then the Axial 2.2 Rockster Rock Crawler Beadlocks are just what you have been looking for!

The Axial 2.2 Rockster is designed to fit the most popular rock crawler tires now out on the market, the Axial 2.2 Rockster beadlocks come ready to mount to any 2.2 rock crawler project you may have.

  • True beadlocks – no gluing
  • 4 finishes to choose from (White, Black, Chrome, Black Chrome)
  • Super strong composite material
  • Comes with a standard grey aluminum ring, other colors available
  • Fits 12mm hex hubs
  • Width: 36mm
  • Beadlock Diameter: 55.5

Axial 2.2 Rockster Rock Crawler beadlock colors

Axial 2.2 Rockster Rock Crawler Ring Colors

Discuss the new Axial 2.2 Rockster Rock Crawler beadlocks in our RC Crawlers forum!

Part NumberDescriptionPrice
AX80902.2 Rockster White Beadlocks$28.00
AX80912.2 Rockster Black Beadlocks$28.00
AX80922.2 Rockster Chrome Beadlocks$30.00
AX80952.2 Rockster Black Chrome Beadlocks$30.00
AX81082.2 Green Beadlock Ring$12.00
AX81092.2 Purple Beadlock Ring$12.00
AX81102.2 Blue Beadlock Ring$12.00
AX81112.2 Red Beadlock Ring$12.00
AX81122.2 Grey Beadlock Ring$12.00
AX81132.2 Green Rock Beadlock Ring$14.00
AX81142.2 Purple Rock Beadlock Ring$14.00
AX81152.2 Blue Rock Beadlock Ring$14.00
AX81162.2 Red Rock Beadlock Ring$14.00
AX81172.2 Grey Rock Beadlock Ring$14.00

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