XRAY T4 2014 Touring Car

xray t4 chassis

XRAY taken their T4 electric touring car and have further updated it to the XRAY T4 2014 touring car. The newly updated T4 includes updated suspension mounts that are now fixed onto the chassis rather than being a part of the bulkhead assembly. Included with the XRAY T4 2014 kit come FR single and RF two-piece blocks with additional split or one-piece blocks being available as option parts in order to fine-tune steering and grip characteristics. Either way the caster, toe, kick-up and track width settings are now adjustable using plastic inserts for the aluminium suspension blocks. Another new feature on the 2014 car are the Suspension Flex Adjustment (SFA) arms whose flex characteristics are adjustable using optional carbon fiber plates – a feature typically known to 1/8th off-road buggies.

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XRAY T2, T3 ceramic ball bearings

XRAY T2, T3 ball bearings

Ceramic bearings have many advantages over standard steel bearings, such as decreased weight, higher RPM capabilities, increased corrosion and wear resistance, as well as reduced friction and vibration. Ceramic bearings are fitted with Si3N4 silicone nitride ceramic balls. These ball-bearings are degreased and lightly oiled with AeroShell Fluid 12 oil for maximum smoothness, long life, highest tolerance and maximum performance.

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XRAY NT1 brass engine mount

XRAY NT1 brass engine mount

The new XRAY NT1 brass engine mount has been designed for all conditions. The XRAY NT1 brass engine mount provides a stiffer design than the standard single engine mounts but is still a bit more flexible than the XRAY Multi-Flex 1-Piece Engine Mounting System (#338712). The engine area of the car and the area between engine and 2-speed is reinforced but the flex of the chassis is still available. The reinforced area of the chassis between the engine and 2-speed gears reduces the chance of spur gear breakage or stripping.

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XRAY 808E 1/8th electric buggy

XRAY 808e electric buggy

XRAY presents the all-new 808E – the electric powered version of the successful XRAY nitro XB808. The XRAY 808E has been designed for professional racers andfeatures ultra-high performance parts, finest quality materials, unmatched precision in manufacturing, and backed up with legendary XRAY support and service. The 808E is a professional race car delivered in kit form to let you select and install your own electronics.

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XRAY NT1 aluminum rear bulkhead cover


XRAY has just released an aluminum rear bulkhead cover for their NT1 on-road car. The new aluminum rear bulkhead cover is CNC milled from ultra-strong premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum for increased lifespan and durability.

  • Aluminum rear bulkhead cover
  • Ultra-strong construction
  • Increased lifespan and durability
  • CNC-machined
  • Premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum

Part #: 333051 – XRAY NT1 aluminum rear bulkhead cover

XRAY T3R touring car

XRAY T3R touring car chasis

The latest touring car, the XRAY T3R, is based on the award-winning XRAY T3 high-performance electric touring car platform, a car that has raised the bar in engineering, design, and performance and has won the hearts of racers worldwide along with an exceptional amount of titles and awards.

With the worldwide success of the XRAY T3 platform, XRAY’s best touring car design to date. XRAY wanted to release a platform that would allow everyone to enjoy the design and performance benefits of the T3 platform no matter what their racing needs and budget are.

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