XRAY NT1 lightweight ventilated brake disc

XRAY Ventilated Brake Disc

The new XRAY NT1 ventilated brake disc has been designed to be lightweight and balanced for vibration free braking. The XRAY NT1 ventilated brake disc has been heat-treated and precision ground and uses strategically placed holes to allow for the most cooling available to avoid overheating, thus ensurring consistent and effcient braking to minimize brake pad wear and disc glazing.

  • Lightweight, ultra-cool design
  • CNC-machined
  • Heat-treated, precision-ground
  • Balanced, vibration-free operation
  • Strategically placed holes for ultra-cool operation without overheating
  • Ensures consistent and efficient braking, minimal brake pad wear

Part #: 334111 – XRAY NT1 Lightweight Ventilated Brake Disc