Xray Announces New XB8R

XRAY announces their plans to release their new XB8R nitro off-road buggy
during the spring of 2005. The XB8R combines the quality and craftsmanship
of the top competition XB8 model with the hugely successful RAYCER concept
(High performance with minimal cost). The XB8R is a high-competition racing
buggy that will feature many of the premium quality components found in the
top level XB8, but at a more competitive street price.

Now everybody can enjoy the legendary XRAY luxury quality craftsmanship at a
competitive price. The XB8R will be a scalable platform that can be upgraded
to the full XB8 luxury version as your racing skills will improve or as
your budget allows. The XB8R is expected to be available at a street price
less than 499$ without VAT. More details and specs will be announced later

Here is what XRAY says about the exciting XB8R project.

“The XB8 will remain our top offering in the highly competitive 1/8 off road
market and there are no current plans with any changes in this car. The
introduction of the XB8 last year was a phenomenal success we did not expect
such a high demand, considering this was our first entry into the off-road
market after the last off-road car which Mr. Hudy designed back in 80's. The
new XB8 was already awarded as Car of the Year and we have the same best
intentions with the new XB8R platform.

The new XB8R is a “RAYCER” version build on the XB8 platform providing top
quality at a very affordable price. We are using the same concept that we
used with the touring car category, which was well accepted by our
customers. If you are a racer who wants to have the best of the best, the
XB8 is your ultimate choice. If you are a racer on a budget or a beginner
who has been looking for the best value and quality, the XB8R is the car you
have been waiting for.”

More information about the XB8R will become public in several weeks.
“Team X-Ray”