Venom Pro 3 AC/DC Charger

venom pro 3 charger part#: 0684

Venom has announced their latest AC/DC battery charger, the Venom Pro 3. The Venom Pro 3 charges LiPo up to 6S, NiMH and NiCd batteries from 1 to 15 cells and is able to charge at a maximum rate of 7 amps. It also comes equipped with many high end features like multiple discharge profiles, recallable memory profiles for up to five of you most commonly used battery packs.

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Venom 2.4Ghz Digital Radio System

Venom 2.4Ghzz radio

Venom has created the perfect 2.4GHz digital radio system built for beginners getting into the R/C hobby. The new Venom 2.4GHz radio is a 2 channel radio which includes features such as servo reversing, steering dual rate adjustment and also includes a USB link cable to download and play the Virtual RC racing simulator!

Now beginners can benefit from the security of 2.4GHz spread spectrum without the huge cost!

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