Upgrade-RC Todd Le Duc Slash decals

Upgrade RC Todd Le Duc Slash decals

Just a few months ago Upgrade-RC released their set of Traxxas Slash tribal flame and a regular flame graphic kit. Well now Upgrade-RC is added to that collection with their official Todd Le Duc replica decal set.

The new Upgrade-RC Todd Le Duc Traxxas Slash decal is designed to fit both the Traxxas Slash and Traxxas Slayer bodies including the Proline Hardcore body.

Part #: UPG5906
MSRP: $39.99

Upgrade-RC Traxxas Slash graphics

Upgrade-RC Traxxas Slash tribal flame
Upgrade-RC, the same people gave us the Pit Mat and radio skins for popular radios like the Nomadio and Spektrum have now released a new graphics set for the Traxxas Slash!

The Upgrade-RC Slash graphics are a 22×26 graphic kit made from high gloss material that has been die cut to fit the Traxxas Slash exactly! Upgrade-RC offers two designs, a tribal flame and a regular flame graphic kit.

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rcID Pit Mat skins

rcID Pit Mat skins

rcIDcustom.com has created the perfect companion for your Upgrade Pit Mat (available at TeamFastEddy). The pit mat skin! This huge 20″x30″ custom skin is made with rcID’s exclusive “tough cover” material, the durable matte finish makes the skin extra tough! The rcID pit mat skin has been designed to fit into the spaces of your upgrade RC pit mat. The rcID pit mat skin can also be customized by adding one main logo and up to five smaller logo and even your name!

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rcID radio skins for Nomadio and Spektrum

rcID, a sister company of Upgrade RC, has released two new skins to their inventory of custom radio decals. Now for both the Spektrum DX3.0 and DX2.0 as well as the Nomadio React. The rcID skins not only look good and are the perfect custom job to make you stand out from the crowd but not only that, the rcID radio skins are also customizable too with color selections and the option of adding your name and other details.

MSRP: $39.99

rcID radio skins. DX2.0/3.0 and Nomadio React radios

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