Trinity now becomes Team Epic Inc


April 7, 2009

Dear Racer:

I am not sure if you heard the rumors concerning Trinity’s possible move to Florida but I wanted to be the first to officially explain the rumors and try to put in perspective what this means for all of us.

I have been thought of in this industry as somewhat of a maverick and a person never afraid of change and therefore I am reverting back to my past and things that were part of my overall success. I need to be “involved” in my business on an every-day basis like I used to be and with my responsibilities to my children as a father the ONLY way this can be accomplished is to move to Florida.

Trinity in New Jersey will officially close it’s doors on April 30, 2009 and we will re-open with a new Florida corporation “Team Epic Inc.” on June 1, 2009.

Some of the key people that have helped Trinity attain this success (Tony P., Jim Dieter, Chad Phillips, Ina Gonsalez and Paul Lemieux will still be with Trinity and are all excited about this move and new challenge). For me personally, it is a re-birth and a way for me to start over, gain control over my business again and repeat the steps that lead us to the forefront of the radio control industry. Most business owners never experience this opportunity so I am very happy for the chance and the challenge.

Trinity will be the new USA agent for the Sirio line of Nitro engines as soon as we are set-up in Florida which is exciting news. Watch the web page for more info on this and a special introductory web price, plus you could be a member of the Team Sirio USA!

As in most moves, we are hoping the transition will be smooth but we all know that things that we hope never really seem to work out the way we plan. Our web store is scheduled to close on the 27th of may and reopen again June 1st. from today until the 27th we are offering an extra 15% off any orders over $100.00 that Trinity can ship prior to April 27, 2009. We will not be holding web back-orders after the 27th.

I thank-you for all your past loyalty and I truly hope I can count on you and you can count on me again in the future!


Ernest N. Provetti
Team Epic Inc.

Team Epic Inc./Trinity
290 Springview Commerce Drive Suite # 4
DeBary, Florida 32713