Novak NovaLink software for the M2 Dig

Novak NovaLink M2 Dig

Team Novak has released new software for use with the NovaLink Programming Interface (#5440) and M2 Dig 3S Dual Brush ESC (#1846). Drivers can now fine tune the Novak M2’s multiple parameters by inputting the desired values or using the user-friendly graphic controls. The M2 Dig ESC’s firmware can also be updated via the NovaLink. Download the new software by visiting the web pages linked below.

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Novak Havoc sport brushless system

novak havoc sport

If you’re looking to upgrade from an old brushed type motor to a brushless system or looking for a speed upgrade for your 1/10th scale off-road and on-road RC vehicles then you should take a look at Team Novaks new brushless system the Novak Havoc Sport!

The Novak Havoc Sport offers the same features found on all other Novak motor and speed controls, the 540-sized motor is equipped with a sintered rotor for precise throttle response and resistance to high temperatures, and the Novak Havoc Sport brushless motor is sensored for low-speed driveability and consistent brakes.

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Team Novak Velociti Light Brushless Motor Series

Novak Velociti Light Brushless Motor Series

Team Novak has just announced that they are doubling its Velociti motor series. The new Team Novak Velociti Light Brushless Motor series offers a different feel to Velociti by providing slower acceleration and softer braking power. The Novak Velociti Light motors excel in challenging off-road and paved tracks, and offer top-notch control. The new Novak Velociti Light Brushless Motor Series now includes five new motors; a 3.5L, 4.5L, 5.5L, 6.5L, 7.5L.

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Novak HV 6.5 Brushless Motor

Novak HV Brushless Motor

Based on the industry-standard HV4400 brushless motor, the new Novak HV 6.5 (High Voltage) Brushless Motor (#3426) features two major performance upgrades. The most significant upgrade is the newly-engineered nickel-plated rotor, which is the core of the brushless motor. This new rotor improves motor acceleration, speed and brakes, is more durable, and is more resilient to heat. The second upgrade is the lightweight, aluminum ribbed end bells, which provide additional cooling by acting as a heat sink, efficiently removing excessive heat from the motor. The HV6.5 High-Voltage Brushless Motor is available individually (#3426), as well as in the popular HV High-Voltage Brushless System 6.5 (#3020).

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