Innovative-RC Savage Dual Brake Kit

Innovative-RC Savage Dual Brake Kit

Innovative-RC has released a new dual brake kit for the HPI Savage models. The Innovative-RC HPI Savage brake kit uses an 7075-T6 aluminum Brake hex to keep weight down while giving the most strength possible and while used in conjunction with high wearing carbon fiber brake pads the Innovative-RC HPI Savage brake kit provides the best overall braking power to the HPI Savage truck.

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HPI Savage 3 speed tranny

HPI Savage 3 speed transmission

Bolt in this completely pre-built HPI Savage 3 speed tranny and take your HPI Savage X to the next level! You get more punch and higher top speed, the best of both worlds! Faster track times, easier wheelies, blistering top speed, better fuel mileage, and lower engine temperatures are the result of the HPI 3 speed tranny, the ultimate HPI Savage upgrade.

Internally, the HPI Savage 3 speed tranny gearbox has been redesigned for extra durability and longer life. Hardened steel is used for many of the gears and hubs, stronger clutch mechanisms were developed, as well as extensively lightened gears and hubs. The automatic shift points in the HPI Savage 3 speed tranny are pre-set at the factory, and can be manually adjusted to suit track conditions.

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HPI Savage Dual Brake Kit

HPI Savage fiberglass dual brake kit

HPI is finally releasing a dual brake conversion kit for all models of the HPI Savage trucks. The HPI fiberglass dual brake kit comes with everything you need to convert your existing HPI Savage to the brand new Fiberglass Dual Disk Brakes from the Savage X 4.6! Now you will be able to have confidence in knowing that you have the right stopping power to stop your Savage in no time flat!

MSRP: $18.00

Discuss the new HPI Savage dual fiberglass brake kit in our HPI Savage forum!



The ever popular HPI Savage X 4.6 Kit (#883) is now available in a Ready-To-Run (RTR) form!

The new F4.6 powerplant is designed for one thing and one thing only – huge amounts of horsepower! Nearly 3hp, in fact! Enough horsepower to get the HPI Savage X 4.6 RTR up to 45mph (73kph)! And Big Block TORQUE is always on tap, just pull the throttle and you’ll know you’re not driving a small block. You want speed? You want torque? You’ve got it with the F4.6 nitro engine!

The RTR HPI Savage X 4.6 includes a Roto Start 2 starting system to get you up and running with minimal effort! Just simply insert the Roto Start into the engine’s back plate, press the trigger and away you go!

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HPI Savage X SS Kit #883

HPI Savage X SS Kit

When it comes to R/C Monster Trucks, HPI Racing has become the go-to-guy for build it yourself rc monter truck kits and now HPI has made their collection just a little bit bigger. The HPI Savage X SS kit without an engine! HPI customers have requested a HPI Savage X SS kit without and engine and now HPI has delivered. All priced that won’t break your budget. So if you already have a high horsepower nitro engine, this kit is the perfect opportunity to bolt it into the latest HPI Savage X SS kit decked out with heavy duty hop-ups and upgrades.

The HPI Savage X SS has cast alloy differential cups with steel pin guides are standard on the front and rear of the truck, delivering unmatched strength and durability while extending the standard maintenance interval of the diffs. All of the internal diff gears are shimmed for precise mesh, and HPI Racing even shimmed the outdrive bearings and input shafts for extra precision. Heavy duty diff shafts, cup joints, drive shafts and dogbones are used for maximum strength and durability. And, a hardened steel spur gear with a matching ventilated “racing” clutchbell have been added for the ultimate in drivetrain strength, right out of the box. A high performance polished tuned pipe and high flow tube header to help maximize power output of our HPI Savage X SS!

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