Futaba 3PM-X FASST Radio

Futaba has released a new FASST radio that’s perfect for cruising, crawling and crushing! The Futaba 3PM-X 2.4GHz FASST Radio eliminates the need to have one radio for racing, another for rock crawling and yet another for monster trucks. The 3PM-X an affordable system that can handle them all!

Futaba 4PK 2.4Ghz FASST Radio

The new Futaba 4PK has just been released and includes some pretty impressive features including 2.4Ghz! The Futaba 4PK 4 channel radio weighs only 1.5pounds, and has a 40 model memory. The Futaba 4PK also includes an Advanced Positioning Adapter which allows you to drop the wheel down, move it left or right and can…