Serpent Cobra 811 Buggy Sport

Serpent Cobra 811 Buggy-e Sport

Serpent has a new buggy in town, the Cobra 811 Buggy-E Sport. An electric Sport version of their popular high end Serpent 1/8th Cobra 811 E-Buggy. Featuring 4wheel drive, 3 gear diffs, 16mm big bore shocks, aluminum shock towers as well as aluminum chassis, side guards, and an easy radio box.

The Serpent Cobra 811 Sport is also fully upgradable with parts and options from the high end race-version. This super durable Buggy chassis allows a great entry in the racing scene, at a lower cost, and will make you finish your races!

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Serpent 733 composite suspension parts

serpent 733 suspension parts

Serpent now offers a softer but extremely durable composite nylon suspension parts for the Serpent 733 called M for medium. The M parts have more less flex than the H = hard parts.

In most cases the standard nylon parts M, with more flex, will perform best. Under very high grip conditions as well as under very high temperatures the H = hard parts will perform better. As always all depends greatly on overall set-up of the Serpent 733 and driving style as well.

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Serpent East 200mm Civic body

Serpent East 200mm Civic body

Serpent is pleased to introduce the Serpent East Civic 1/10th 200mm body. This new Serpent East Civic body sports 2 ribs on either side of the car to increase stiffness to this area while at the same time allowing the shell to be made from very lightweight materials. Other details include ribs on the bonnet that channel the air over the lowered windscreen and back to the rear wing. The Serpent East Civic, which has been extensively tested by Central RC, provides the user with very responsive, high grip and well-balanced handling characteristics.

Part #: 170111 – Serpent East Civic Body 200mm

Complete carbon conversion set for the S400

Complete carbon conversion set for the S400

The complete carbon conversion chassis set for the Serpent S400 electric touring car has just been released by Serpent Model Racing Cars. The S400 carbon conversion is made from a 3.4mm carbon fiber stiff 6-cell chassis plate. The new carbon fiber chassis also features recessed mounting points as well as the battery cell slots have been pre-machined to help lower the center of gravity.

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Serpent brass battery holder

Serpent brass battery holder

Serpent Racing has just created two new brass battery holders for the Serpent 720 and Serpent 960 chassis’. The new Serpent brass battery holders are a direct replacement for the original stock plastic battery holders, the Serpent brass battery holders have been machined from a single piece of brass. The advantage of using the new Serpent 720 and Serpent 960 brass battery holders brings more weight to the lowest part of the car and thus helps prevent the car from grip rolling in high traction condition which then allows your Serpent car to corner as higher speeds.

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Serpent 950 Spur gear set

Serpent 950 Spur gear set - #903223

Serpent has released a spur gear set designed for the Centax-II clutch found on the Serpent 950, Serpent 950-R, and Serpent 960. This handy but also very useful spur gear set of all 1/8th scale spur gears that act as a complete spares set but of course also gives you all the available gear ratio tuning options to set your Serpent car for any given track.

Serpent 950 spur gear set contains:

  • 1 x 44T
  • 1 x 45T
  • 1 x 46T
  • 1 x 47T
  • 1 x 48T
  • 1 x 49T
  • 1 x 50T

Part #: 903223 – Serpent 950 Spur gear set