Savox Outrunner Brushless Motors

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Savox Outrunner Brushless Motors

Savox Servos, the fastest growing servo brand in the USA, is excited to announce the arrival of the new Brushless Outrunner Motor product line.

Savox Brushless Outrunner Motors feature a unique cooling system designed to increase air flow and reduce running temperatures. The patented design includes machined aluminum housing, six angled ports and an internal cooling fan. The result is a 10% drop in temperature during use over other leading brands.

“After 110 flights with the Savox BSM5025 500KV motor, it still performs like new and continues to run much cooler than other leading motor brands that I have tried, definitely an impressive feat in my flying experience,” says Test Pilot Simon Vaamonde.
With a full line of specialty RC helicopter servos, Savox sees the addition of the Brushless Outrunner Motors as an opportunity to increase its presence in the radio control flight market. The new line offers a brushless motor option for every class of RC Helicopter Pilots, including different dimensions and KV ratings for specific flight needs.

Savox Outrunner 450 class:

BSM2940, precision wound with machine accuracy, 3500KV, 71g (part # SAVBSM2940M3500)

Savox Outrunner 500 class:

BSM3750 – PRO SPEC – hand wound for consistency, available in 1200KV and 1300KV, 184g (part #s SAVBSM3750P1200 & SAVBSM3750P1300)

BSM4050 – PRO SPEC – hand wound for consistency, available in 1200KV and 1300 KV, 215g (part #s SAVBSM4050P1200 & SAVBSM4050P1300)

Savox Outrunner 550 class:

BSM4750 – PRO SPEC – hand wound for consistency, 1200KV, 270g (part # SAVBSM4750P1200)

Savox Outrunner 600 class:

BSM4760 – PRO SPEC – hand wound for consistency, 1200KV, 358g (part # SAVBSM4760P1200)

BSM5055 – PRO SPEC – hand wound for consistency, 550KV, 363g (part # SAVBSM5055P550)

Savox Outrunner 700 class:

BSM5065 PRO SPEC – hand wound for consistency, available in 450KV, 500KV and 5300 KV, 454g (part #s SAVBSM5065P450, SAVBSM5065P500, & SAVBSM5065P530)

All Savox Servos and the new Outrunner Brushless Motors are built for performance. Savox stands behind its products with a one year manufacturers warranty!

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