Savage Fuel Tank Protector

Here is a quick and easy trick to help your fuel tank out on the Savage.

– Reduce vibration to your tank
— Protect your tank from hitting or smashing against your TVP's
— Provides additional cushion when crashing or rolling over

Parts Needed:
— 1/2 inch of fuel tubing
— CA Glue
— (2.5 inch x 1 inch) piece of cushioning. You can use:
~~ Neoprene
~~ Felt Padding
~~ Servo Tape
~~ Thin Kitchen Sponge (the soft green scrubby kind)
~~ Any other type of thin padding material

— As with any set of directions, there are more than one way to do things. So use these as a guideline and use your own judgment when doing your mod. Let’s begin:

Step 1:
— Remove your fuel tank
— Remove the two little O-rings on your tank holders
— Cut two pieces of fuel tubing (approximately 1/8 inch long)
— Install fuel tubing onto the tank holders (green circle in pic below)

Step 2:
— Take whatever cushioning you chose and cut it into a strip. Approximately 2.5 inches long x 1 inch tall.
— Place it on the back of your tank to make sure it is the proper size. Trim any excess if needed.
— Once the proper size, take your CA glue and squirt some onto the cushioning.
— Now place the cushioning onto the back side of the fuel tank and hold it in place for a minute or two to allow the CA glue to dry
— (Pic below shows the piece of neoprene that was used as the cushioning)

Step 3:
— Once the CA glue has dried, you can reinstall the fuel tank back onto the truck.
— You should notice that the fuel tank will be tight when you are trying to reinstall it. This shows you how much play you eliminated from the tank.
— (Final pic is seen below)

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