Roar amends electric chassis rule

Roar Racing

Electric chassis rule amendment – After careful consideration, the ROAR Committee has approved some new wording to clarify acceptable chassis configurations for electric racing after the release of a number of “short” battery packs. These packs are generally shorter than maximum length, which are completely legal, given that the rules only specify maximum dimensions for the battery packs. The risk, however, is that a chassis might be built around a short pack, which would be a very negative development in the opinion of the Executive committee. While some members of the electric committee preferred a different approach, it was the judgment of the Electric Section Chair and by a unanimous vote of the Executive Committee, that it would be more prudent to clarify this rule before it becomes an issue. Waiting until one or a few chassis are configured in such a manner would not be in the best interests of members who invest in these products, the manufacturers that make them, or retailers. In short, it would not be a benefit to anyone. It’s the position of the Executive Committee that it would be a costly and unpopular decision for all involved, to wait until after everyone has an investment in a chassis configuration that would ultimately be deemed not legal.

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New approval listing for ROAR Sportsman Class ESCs


The ROAR Executive Committee, Electric Section Chairperson, and Consultation with its Industry Affiliate Manufacturers, have compiled a listing of electronic speed controllers (ESC) for use in ROAR sportsman racing programs.

Speed Controllers eligible for Sportsman Class racing must be capable of providing ZERO Timing Advance along with disabling Advanced Motor Control Functions (i.e. Boost, Cheat Mode, Turbo, SuperCharge, etc).

When the “sportsman” profile is enabled, the ESC shall indicate the profile by a unique LED (constant or blinking) while the ESC is “armed” and in neutral position. The unique visual identification detail will be published along with the ESC listing of approved products.

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ROAR approves LiPo battery packs for racing

Roar Racing

ROAR approves LiPo battery packs to be used for racing!

ROAR realizes the new addition of Lithium Polymer batteries to the 2008 ROAR Rulebook is an eagerly anticipated action from their members and affiliates. ROAR is pleased to present the basic rule set in straightforward language, so all of you can see and understand the areas pertaining to racing membership.

Read the new ROAR Lithium Battery Technology Rules in brief. (PDF File).

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