RC4WD Full Metal X11 Piggyback Shocks

RC4WD Full Metal X11 Piggyback Shocks

“Look at the size of those shafts”. That’s what I said when I opened the package containing a set of RC4WD’s X11 Full Metal Heavy Duty Shocks. The shafts are an impressive 3.5mm in diameter. Easily the largest I have seen for 1/8 scale shocks. As I frantically opened the individual wrapped packages containing the shocks, I was treated to machining quality that is some of the best I have seen for an RC product. The fit and finish is fantastic. Even the treaded shock collar is silky smooth.

For those who hate to build shocks you’re in luck. The RC4WD Full Metal X11 Piggyback Shocks come pre-built from RC4WD. They have even taken the time to add lubrication to the lower seals to prevent damaging them during assembly and operation when folks compress the shock before adding shock oil.

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Racers Edge REVO Shock Ends

On the original shipment of REVOS, it soon became obvious that their was a flaw in the design of the shaft side shock ends. After just a small amount of use the plastic ends would elongate or simply just snap off. Traxxas was fast to release an updated plastic replacement and aftermarket companies like Racers Edge were fast to come out with alloy replacement parts for those who wanted something more durable.

Shock Ends

First impressions:

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