RCTalk Fuel Line Covers

Fuel Line Cover Colors

Fuel line cover colors

Also available in CHROME!

Chrome fuel line covers

Heatshrink Colors

Heat shrink colors

Only $7.50 per kit (INCLUDES SHIPPING!). Each kit includes 2 ft of fuel line cover and 6 inches of heatshrink wrap.

Features and Installation Instructions:

The fuel line covers are made of a PolyEthylene Terepthalate some of the features of these fine product include:

  • UV resistant
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Chemically and organically inert
  • Operating Temp. -103F to 257F
  • Melt Temp. 446F
  • Cuts easily with Hot Knife
  • Looks pretty damn COOL!

Notice this “Cuts easily with Hot Knife” – This is very important, because of the make up of these covers they do NOT, I repeat do NOT cut well with knifes or even razors. I've tried it only makes the cuts look like a total mess, on top of that it makes the ends fray. So to properly cut this you must use a hot knife or a soldering iron works very well also, which ever of the two you use make sure it's been warmed up – the hotter the better.

The covers do expand, and expand perfectly over the fuel lines. Once installed on the fuel lines place the shrink wrap tubes on the line then install the lines to your tank, filter, pipe, carb and so on. Zip tie the lines on as normal the shrink wrap should NOT be used to hold the lines in tact. After you attach the zip ties move the shrink tubes over the ends of the covers and zip tie and use either a hot gun or hair dryer to make the shrink tubes shrink making a nice clean end.

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