RC4WD Full Metal X11 Piggyback Shocks

RC4WD Full Metal X11 Piggyback Shocks

“Look at the size of those shafts”. That's what I said when I opened the package containing a set of RC4WD's X11 Full Metal Heavy Duty Shocks. The shafts are an impressive 3.5mm in diameter. Easily the largest I have seen for 1/8 scale shocks. As I frantically opened the individual wrapped packages containing the shocks, I was treated to machining quality that is some of the best I have seen for an RC product. The fit and finish is fantastic. Even the treaded shock collar is silky smooth.

For those who hate to build shocks you're in luck. The RC4WD Full Metal X11 Piggyback Shocks come pre-built from RC4WD. They have even taken the time to add lubrication to the lower seals to prevent damaging them during assembly and operation when folks compress the shock before adding shock oil.

Did I mention the shafts are huge? Well, it isn't the only component on the shock that is big. Take a look at the comparison picture next to a t-maxx sized Integy MSR5 shock. Size is everything!

RC4WD X11 shock vs Integy

For this review, I used 30wt shock oil on all 8 shocks for mounting on my brushless Emaxx conversion. If you are using the stock maxx or RPM style shock towers, all you will need to do is mount them up since there is a ball stud pre-installed at the top mount. However, because of the pre-installed stud, you will not be able to mount them to any tower that does not have stand-offs build in. In my case, I am using aluminum multi-position towers which require stand-off to mount the shocks. I needed to modify the standoffs to suit the pre-installed stud. After a little work with the Dremel tool, the standoffs were modified and I was ready to mount. As seen in the picture below, even though the RC4WD X11 shock is much larger than a standard maxx size shock, they install quite nicely.

RC4WD X11 Shocks Installed on E-Maxx

After installation and before I went out for some test runs, I performed the waist high drop test. As expected, there was no bottoming out of the chassis. Performance wise, the RC4WD Full Metal X11 shocks easily absorbed all the jumps I threw at it and also kept all 4 corners on the ground during cornering. After 20 minutes of testing, I brought the rig in and removed all the shocks for inspection. No leaks thanks to the rubber o-ring seals. Although I never had a problem with bottoming out, an o-ring or piece of fuel tubing on the shock shaft would be a great addition to keep the shock body from hitting the spring retainer during big air jumps.

I am completely impressed with the quality, durability, finish and scale look of these bad boys. If you are looking for what looks to be the toughest shocks around, these will fit the bill. RC4WD won't just be known for high quality crawler parts anymore!

Manufacturer: RC4WD
Part #: X-0290
Price: $44.99 /set of two

Shocks are available in polished, anodized red, blue or black finishes.

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