RC Solutions MGT Roll Cage

RC Solutions Rollcage installed


  • 3mm aluminum plates.
  • Machined aluminum braces.
  • Includes required hardware.


The instructions get you rolling pretty quickly and should cause no real trouble for the inexperienced. The two longer braces stretch the entire length of the chassis and protect the engine head from damage. Two other braces complete the look going across the center of the chassis. The kit also includes aluminum chassis plates that replace the stock plastic ones. The kit makes it look like you just changed the entire chassis, a nice trick for your friends.

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RC Solutions Nitro Rustler Roll Cage

RCS Package

When you purchase your Nitro Rustler roll cage you will need these things handy. Some Hex Drivers or Allen Wrenches, Loctite, and a little patience to read through all of the directions supplied with your purchase to assemble your roll cage. The supplied directions are in full color, great detail and will seem like installing the cage a breeze. If you choose not to use Loctite the screws will rattle loose and fall out. I experienced this myself.

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RC-Solutions T-Maxx Bulkheads

Items included RC Solutions t-maxx bulkheads

What you will need for installation, this is based on the assumption these will be added to a stock T-Maxx, if other after market hop ups, or fasteners have been used this list will vary

  • Quality #2 screwdriver
  • 1.5mm hex driver
  • Locktite

After receiving the Bulkheads, I gave them the once over, they looked very nice, and to be well made. They appeared to be machined to where weight was removed from them without sacrificing structural integrity. The hinge pins were included, and after checking them out, I noticed right away that that there were no grooves in the pins for e-clips. The pins are held in by two allen set screws for each pin, through the bulkhead. After checking everything out I was ready to start wrenching.

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