RAMTech-RC Iron Cross Spinners

RAMTech spinners package

So, you want some BLING on your RC? Then RAM Tech RC has what you need. Whether is is chromed up rims and spinners to the rugged look of brushed aluminum, RAM Tech has got it.

What's included:

  • Four spinners with bearings installed.
  • Four short posts or non-offset rims.
  • Four long posts for offset rims.

What you need:

1. 3.0 mm hex driver.
2. Your choice of rubber to put on the rims (Savage stockers pictured above.

NOTE: Be certain to order the right set of spinners as the T-Maxx spinners do not come with the posts necessary for use on the cross threaded side of the Savage.


These were some of the best constructed spinners I have seen. I am not much into BLING, but decided to check them out and compare them with ProLine's kit. Talk about tough as nails and precision construction. The ProLine kit is smooth and plastic. The RAM Tech kit is much more smooth and aluminum. Which would you choose for your ride? Same here, I'd go with the strength and the look.

Some things I noticed right off the bat:
1. Solid materials used
2. Solid bearings used
3. Everything fit together without any slop or fuss.

Some issues I discovered:
1. Even the long posts were not long enough for a wide offset rim (RPM Monster Claws StableMaxx rims tried, ProLine Velocity Six WideMaxx rims tried, IMEX JumboMaxx Sayville rims tried, even stock T-Maxx rims tried…all to no avail)
2. The bearings on the set I was sent were very stiff (contacted RAM Tech and they sent me a new and improved set immediately…talk about customer service)
3. I was without a rim to test the spinners on as all of mine seemed to not be compatible (brought this to RAM Tech's attention, and they sent me a set of Iron Cross aluminum rims to test with…again, with the top customer service.)

C'mon Sky, what's the story? The story is that RAM Tech is a top manufacturer with excellent customer service. While the spinners they sent me did not work with my selection of rims, they took my feedback and assured me that they would be working to correct any issues of that nature. They took the time to send me a set of rims to use for testing. That is what I call top customer service. Further, the spinners did exactly what they were supposed to do. With the new and improved bearing installed (which comes standard now) and a set of rims to work with, I ran the spinners through their paces both on road and off.

Onroad, the spinners not only look great but they definitely do the BLING thing to your truck. My T-Maxx looked very cool with the spinners on and in motion. Offroad, the spinners tend to get lost in all the dust, but they still worked. I'd be careful of running on loose gravel or pebbles as they can jam the spinner action and ding up the nice spinner finish (especially any chrome set you might purchase). The sealed bearings used perform great and keep the dust from clogging their action.

So, it is without any reservation or hesitation that I highly recommend their rims and spinners to add that extra something something your truck or car might need.

RAMTech-RC Spinners install on T-Maxx