Proline Recoil Buggy Tires

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Proline RECOIL buggy tire

Pro-line has released their new 1/8th scale buggy tire, the Pro-line RECOIL. Debuting at the 2010 Nitro Challenge the Pro-line RECOIL has already started turning many peoples heads with it’s unique hexagonal base provides stability while a touch of subtle siping provides the perfect balance of flexibility.

The penetrating lugs on the Pro-line RECOIL assure peak performance on loose and dusty soil with the centered parallel bars provide maximum forward acceleration. Each package includes two Pro-line Racing Recoil tires as well as molded foam inserts.

Proline Recoil Tire Features

  • Unique hexagonal design for stability and exceptional tread life
  • For use on slightly loamy to hard packed soil
  • Multi Purpose outdoor and indoor capability
  • Square-lug technology throughout the tread design
  • Available in World Championship/extremely proprietary M2 (Medium) and M3 (Soft) compounds
  • Internal ribbing for lateral support and increased cornering control
  • Molded foam included

Part Numbers:
9034-01 – M2 (Medium)
9034-02 – M3 (Soft)
9034-06 – M2 (Medium) No Foam
9034-07 – M3 (Soft) No Foam

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