Pro-line Mulcher 40 series

Proline Mulchers 40 series tires

Pro-Line Racing has released their ever popular Mulcher tread pattern for 40 Series owners. The new 40 Series LP Mulcher is just what is states. It’s made for 40 Series wheels only, is low-profile in design, and is ready to mulch anything in its path. The gigantic lugs make the Mulcher versatile and performance driven. Grass, loamy dirt and even mud are no match for the Mulchers. They scream for the harshest of conditions and are a perfect tire to add to your collection.


  • Made from super-soft M2 compound
  • Comes with firm foam inserts
  • Exclusively for 40 Series wheels
  • Versatile tread design

Part #: 1128-00
MSRP: $31.00/pr
UPC #: 67511813300
Estimated Ship Date: 5-31-06

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