New Parts from Team Losi

New Parts from Team Losi Team Losi have been very busy lately preparing all their new releases that are shown for the first time at this weeks iHobby Expo in Chicago.

– JRX-S Expert Racing Sedan Kit
– XXX-NT AD2 Adam Drake Edition Racer Kit
– Mini-T Pro 1/18 Stadium Truck
– XXX-T Sport RTR

For more information on each of these new releases, check out the Team Losi website.

RC Solutions Nitro Rustler Roll Cage

RCS Package

When you purchase your Nitro Rustler roll cage you will need these things handy. Some Hex Drivers or Allen Wrenches, Loctite, and a little patience to read through all of the directions supplied with your purchase to assemble your roll cage. The supplied directions are in full color, great detail and will seem like installing the cage a breeze. If you choose not to use Loctite the screws will rattle loose and fall out. I experienced this myself.

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NEW REVO parts in Ti from Hardcore Racing

New from HCR!

HCP Revo rockerHCR Revo handleHCR Revo bumper

There is a full set of Rocker Arms (8 Total) for different progressive suspension. A full Undercarriage Ti Skid plate, Ti Servo skids, and a Ti Battery cover. There also is a Gas tank skid as well as a Front and Rear Ti bumper. I cannot get over how nice the Ti handles looks. HCR is known to make parts where they count. The side effect is they look really good, and that never hurt. HCR has great quality control and they stand behind their product. Pick them up at you LHS or order direct from Jen @ HCR

HCR Revo Parts


Dye rims with Rit-Dye

Cautions: DO NOT use RIT dye as something to drink and to wash your eyes with. If you accidentally get the dye in your eyes flush them out for 15 minutes and call your local doctor. BEWARE of your mother, wife, and girlfriend because this stuff CAN stain so don’t be going wild with it.

Starting: So you want to DYE some wheels huh? First off you need wheels to dye, I used Traxxas white nylon rims for my nitro rustler.

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Traxxas Revo Foward Only Conversion

These instructions are intended for the experienced hobbyist so I will not go into detail on removing screws or assemblies.

That being said, first things first. Remove the transmission from your Traxxas Revo. Six screws hold the 2 halves together. Pay close attention to any shims and there locations. Ideally all the gear should stay on the shafts and on the rear half of the case.
You can refer to your Traxxas Revo Manual, because I am doing this How to: after the fact, I do not have any pictures of what it looks like with all the gears installed, at any rate lets continue with the install.

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