Savage 3-speed tranny

Just when you thought HPI couldn’t top themselves they go out and turn an already powerful truck into a speed deamon with their new 3-speed tranny which is to be released BEFORE Christmas!

HPI Savage 3speed

Savage owners, get ready to smoke the competition! We’ve taken the best of everything and added an extra gear to the already powerful Savage transmission! This monster evolution uses Steel Gears to handle all that extra punch! 10% higher top speed! 10% more torque! Go faster, get there faster, drive longer! Price, part number, and more detailed specs coming soon!

HPI Racing

Premature differential in Revo’s

On Nov. 4th Traxxas has released a service bulletin regarding the differentials in their new monster truck the Revo prematurly failing. Traxxas claims the failing diffs are due to “out-of-specification differential output gears”, however they have corrected the problem and are working with customers which have the bad diffs.

If you’re an owner of a Traxxas Revo which diffs are going bad I’d recommend checking Traxxas Service Bulletin page for more details on how to get them fixed.

HPI 4 gear spider mod upgrade

Better late then never, HPI has announced that they will be releasing a 4 gear spider differential conversion Set for the Savage!

Savage owners can now get a HPI 4 Bevel Gear Differential Conversion Set for their trucks. The 4 gear conversion is a popular upgrade, especially for heavy-duty driving and high horsepower applications. Now HPI offers a precision factory manufactured set that is a direct replacement for the stock gears. The extra gears decrease the stress on the drivetrain for longer gear life and less maintenance. Each package contains everything needed to upgrade one differential, including strengthened & notched gear shafts, and revised gears that are hardened for extra durability. This will be a very popular option part for Savage owners!

HPI Racing

HPI 4 spider gears HPI 4 gear diff

New DVD’s From Ray Wood

First, "RC Car Havoc",The Ultimate RC Crash & Action DVD. After many requests Ray has edited up over 4 years of racing crashes and awesome shots from around the world. To be released November 10, just in time for Xmas "RC Car Havoc" on DVD, in the tradition of those famous full size car videos of the past, the "Havoc" series.

Including in car cameras in Tourers, Trucks and 5th Scales, covering 12th thru to Monster Trucks, on & off road, Gas &EP, this is 60

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