Wheely King servo mount/high link bracket set

Wheely King servo mount/high link bracket set

The new servo mount and high link bracket set is everything you need to relocate the steering servo on the HPI Wheely King for R/C rock crawling. The set is a direct replacement part and all of the parts of made from molded black nylon for durability. The Wheely King servo mount/high link bracket set also includes the mounting brackets for the lower, adapters that allow the Wheely King to use Savage wheels, and pivot balls.

Part #: 85632
MSRP: $18.00

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Axial AX10 Scorpion Almost Ready to Run

Axial AX10 ARTR

Axial has just released another version of their ever popular Scorpion RC rock crawling truck, this time it’s an almost ready to run (ARTR) version. The Axial AX10 Scorpion ARTR was designed from the ground up, and every detail was thought through to provide a competition level base kit to work with. In the past the only way to build a competition capable rock crawler was to buy bits and pieces of several different kit. This long and sometimes frustrating process could take as long as several months just to get the right parts together before you could even start the build. Now you can get a factory built rolling chassis, and within approximately an hours build-time you’ll be able to hit the rocks with your competition ready AX10 Scorpion rock crawler.

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Memorial Day 2008

American Flag

Many of you right now are probably getting ready to watch the Indianapolis 500 race that’s about to start soon or maybe getting ready for that big cookout you’re going to share with friends and family, but before you turn on that TV or fire up that grill I’d like to ask everyone to take a minute or two and remember all the men and women who have paid the ultimate price fighting for this wonderful country we call home.

Without brave souls like them we wouldn’t be enjoying the many freedoms we have today. So from RCNitroTalk to all of those that have died in combat – God bless and Thank you!

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K-Factory HiFL Offroad Dual Intake Air Filter

K-Factory High flow dual intake filter

K-Factory has just released their new High Flow dual intake air filter. Their new dual intake air filter allows more are to smoothly flow unrestricted into the carburetor. K-Factory claims the new dual intake design dramatically reduces air turbulence within the filter and allows air to flow smoothly and unrestricted. Resulting in an engine that breathes better and in turn operates at maximum power on demand without stalling.

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XRAY 1-piece engine mount for XB808

X-Ray engine mount

XRAY has released a one piece engine mount for XRAY XB808. The XRAY engine mount is CNC-machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum then hardcoated for extra durability and long life. Ultra-strong construction provides very long life and durability in even the most extreme racing conditions.

The XRAY 1-peice engine mount mounting system consists of two components: an adjustable base (which is affixed to the chassis), and a pair of upper mounts (which stay attached to the engine crankcase) that key to the base. This enables the engine to be mounted and dismounted each time without needing to readjust gear mesh.

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