Outerwears Electric Pre-Filter


Want more protection for your Traxxas Summit motor? Then check out the Outerwears Electric Pre-Filter is available for the Traxxas Summit and other big size electric motors.

Maximize the amount of airflow while deflecting sand, dirt, and water using Terra-Flo technology standards designed by Outerwears. You can now save time cleaning and money replacing your Electric R/C Motors by using an Outerwears Pre-Filter. With an elastic fixture and a zip tie closure around the wires, you can stop devastating dirt and debris from entering and destroying your brushed and brushless motors.

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Outerwears electric R/C engine pre-filter

Outerwear electric R/C 20-2450

Check out the new pre-filter from Outerwears – a water repellent pre-filter for electric R/C motors. The pre-filter doesn’t restrict the airflow to the motor while helping protect the electric R/C motor from debris such as sand, dirt and water splashes.

The new Outerwear electric R/C motor pre-filter is held in place with an elastic fixture and zip tie closure around the wires.

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