O.S. Engine 21XR-B Nitro Engine

O.S. Engine 21XR-B

The O.S. Engine 21XR-B nitro engine has been engineered to deliver maximum performance with minimal effort, while still being an affordable alternative for the up-and-coming off-roader. Proven O.S. technology ensures steady power. Ideal for any 1/8 scale buggy. Plus, the O.S. 21XR-B can be upgraded with many of the 21XZ-B’s parts for greater performance as a driver’s skills increase.

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O.S. Engine 21XZ-B nitro engine

O.S. Engine 21XZ-B

The new O.S. Engine 21XZ-B offers top-of-the-line power and performance at an unexpectedly low price. The O.S. Engine 21XZ-B offers less weight and a lower center of gravity on one hand, and improved torque and acceleration on the other, making the O.S. Engine 21XZ-B a savvy choice for racing. Other improvements include a stronger crankcase, and the new 21J2 three-needle carburetor that offers improved fuel mileage and a 7 mm restrictor for added fine-tuning finesse.

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O.S. Speed 21XZ-B engine

OS Engine 21XZ

Top drivers like Mark Pavidis and Atsushi Hara can vouch for the victory-taking technology of O.S. Speed engines. Both have stood in the IFMAR Off-Road World Championship winner’s circle as a result of its powerful edge. Now another O.S. engine offers you the same advantage with the new O.S. Speed 21XZ-B engine. The O.S. 21XZ-B engine has a completely new design that delivers instant throttle response and impressive torque over the entire rpm range.

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