Novak Build a Ballistic


Team Novak now offers the opportunity for you customize your own Ballistic motor with Novak's new Build-A-Ballistic program. Because of the Novak Ballistic Brushless Motor's ingenious rebuildable design, drivers can choose among dozens of options to create their very own personalized Ballistic Brushless Motor!

The benefits are obvious! Only through Novak's Build-A-Ballistic program can racers pick-and-choose among specialty hand-wound stators, upgraded ceramic bearings and improved, superior-quality sintered rotors to create their own perfect R/C motor.

To ensure the highest quality, each Build-A-Ballistic motor is built by Novak motor-assembly experts. Each motor is custom built, individually timed, based on your chosen wind, passes numerous stringent brushless motor tests and Novak includes a 120-day warranty.

To start building your ideal Ballistic Motor, head over to Team Novak and choose one customizable option among each of the five drop-down menus:

  • Motor Sleeve (5 choices)
  • Wound Stator (16 choices)
  • Rotor (3 choices)
  • Bearings (2 choices)
  • Harness (3 choices)

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