New Savage Wheels!

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Now available from HPI Racing are new 6 Spoke and 8 Spoke Wheels for the Savage series of monster trucks. These wheels are fully compatible with all Savage, T-Maxx and E-Maxx monster trucks. Featuring the same beefy high impact nylon construction as the standard Savage wheels, they are available in white, black, satin chrome and realistic aluminum matte chrome finishes. There’s no easier way to customize the look of your truck than with a new set of wheels!

8 Spoke Wheels:
#3135 8 Spoke Wheel White (83x56mm / 2pcs)
#3136 8 Spoke Wheel Black (83x56mm / 2pcs)
#3138 8 Spoke Wheel Satin Chrome (83x56mm / 2pcs)
#3139 8 Spoke Wheel Matte Chrome (83x56mm / 2pcs)
6 Spoke Wheels:
#3115 6 Spoke Wheel White (83x56mm / 2pcs)
#3116 6 Spoke Wheel Black (83x56mm / 2pcs)
#3117 6 Spoke Wheel Shiny Chrome (83x56mm / 2pcs)
#3119 6 Spoke Wheel Matte Chrome (83x56mm / 2pcs)

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