New GS Storm CL-1 Buggy

GS Storm CL-1

Here is the new 1/8 Pro Buggy from GS for the 2005 season; the Storm CL-1.

Designing by Mr Claude Lachat, this car has been created exclusively for raceing with the lastest in off-road racing technology. There is huge selection of revised and brand new pieces made especially for this kit compared to the Storm 2004.

The result is a buggy with a tremendous range of tuneability for everything from loose, dusty tracks to high-bite, high grip conditions. The Storm CL-1 provides a more stable, predictable driving feel that serious racers expect. Simple, Efficient, Light, are the 3 words which sum up the Storm CL-1.

“Never a CG has been so low on a 1/8 buggy”

GS Europe