Much-More IC controlled tire warmers

Much-More IC controlled tire warmers Andy Moore Edition

This is the Andy Moore’s Much-More IC controlled tire warmer. The tire warmer come fashioned in a purple anodized aluminum case with a special black LCD display and with Andy Moore and Much-More’s logo on the case.
Part Number: MM-CTXWP

Much-More also has a Marc Rheinard edition as well also with Marc’s logo but in a blue anodized aluminum case.
Part Number: MM-CTXWB

Much-More IC controlled tire warmers Marc Edition

Much-More special carpet tire inserts

Much-More special carpet tire inserts, MIA-CP

Much-More has just releasted their new special carpet tire inserts, the MIA-CP! The Much-More MIA-CP is less elastic and lighter then most other tire inserts, making them more suitable for use on carpet. The Much Much MIA CP tire inserts also comes with powder to decrease the friction between the tire and insert keeping them stable inside and prevents the tire and insert from heating up.

Part #: MIA-CP

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Much-More Silent Charger

Much-More Silent Charger

The Much-More Silent Charger (referred to as the SC) is a state of the art microprocessor based
charger/discharger system for rechargeable batteries for R/C use. With the technology developed by Much-Mores team of research and development, factory team drivers and world champions, Much-more introduces the next generation of charger for all R/C drivers. The Much-More Silent Charger is switching type and can fully charge Ni-MH and Ni-Cd 1 to 14 cells at a digitally pre-settable amperage up to a maximum 6.0amps using peak detection and temperature limit methods. The SC can charge Litheum battery up to 5 cells.

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Much-More Sap Rubber Tire Conditioner

Much-More Sap Rubber Tire Conditioner

Much-More has just put out two different versions of their new minimum odor tire conditioner called Blue Sap and Red Sap! Both Blue Sap and Red Sap tire conditioners have been specifically designed to provide the better grip for rubber tires on carpet tracks.

The blue sap provides better traction and more grip than the red sap and both can be applied just a few minutes before the race using the supplied brush!

Part #: MR-GBS Blue Sap (Rubber Tire Conditioner)
Part #: MR-GRS Red Sap (Rubber Tire Conditioner w/Brush)

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