MCD Racing XS-5 large scale super car

MCD Racing XS-5

A new rc large scale super car is coming… the MCD Racing XS-5 Super Sports Car! The MCD XS-5 is based on the proven MCD 4 wheel drive 5 series chassis. The MCD XS-5 1/5th scale car will be available in both a Factory Team and Competition versions and will feature high performance accessories like a rear diffuser, rear and side wings, along with super grip low profile tires.

MCD Racing XS-5 chassis

MCD Racing is planning on shipping the XS-5 super sports car in mid-October! No other details have been released by MCD at this time, but keep an eye here and at the MCD website for more details!

MCD Racing XS-5 1/5th scale photos

MCD Racing XS-5 bottom of chassis

MCD Racing XS-5 engine

MCD Racing XS-5 front end

MCD Racing XS-5 side shot

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