JConcepts Hybrids 1/8th tires in Mega Soft Compound

jconcepts 3045 1/8th tires

JConcepts has released their Mega Soft compound which as been specifically designed for cold or very loose track conditions. The JConcepts Mega Soft compound has been designed for drivers looking for extra grip as a tuning option, not a replacement compound. It's important to remember, compounds are crucial and to take advantage of a compound it must be utilized on the correct surface.

jconcepts 3048-07 1/8th tire

JConcepts compound and temperature range chart

00 – Yellow (medium feel) – 91 degree and above
01 – Blue (soft feel) – 76-90 degrees
02 – Green (Super Soft feel) – 60-75 degrees
04 – Orange (Groove condition soft) – 80-100 degrees
07 – Black (Mega Soft feel) – 59 degrees and under

Part #: 3048-07 – Hybrids black compound, fits 1/8th buggy wheel
MSRP: $29.00

Part #: 3045-07 – Hybrids black compound, fits Elevated bead 1/8th truck tire
MSRP: $37.00