HPI Savage heavy duty spur gear #77127

HPI Savage heavy duty spur gear #77127

HPI has released a new heavy duty 47 tooth spur gear used as original equipment on the HPI Savage X SS, this steel 47 Tooth Heavy Duty Spur Gear is an excellent upgrade for Savage owners who use their trucks in extreme conditions with high output engines. The heavy duty spur gear #77127 is machined from high carbon steel for precise roundness and smooth tooth shape ensures consistent gear mesh, high efficiency and long gear life. This is a replacement part for the #76937 47 tooth gear and is compatible with the original Savage slipper clutch. If you want to take your Savage to the next level of toughness, pick up a HPI Heavy Duty 47 Tooth Spur Gear and put the power where it belongs, TO THE GROUND!

Included in the package: One 47T Heavy Duty Spur Gear and one slipper pad.

Recommended clutch bells

Note: Due to the extreme hardness of this spur gear, it must be used with HPI Racing Clutch Bells.

  • 77103 Racing Clutch Bell 13 Tooth (1M)
  • 77104 Racing Clutch Bell 14 Tooth (1M)
  • 77105 Racing Clutch Bell 15 Tooth (1M)
  • 77106 Racing Clutch Bell 16 Tooth (1M)
  • 77107 Racing Clutch Bell 17 Tooth (1M)
  • 77108 Racing Clutch Bell 18 Tooth (1M)
  • 77109 Racing Clutch Bell 19 Tooth (1M)
  • 77110 Racing Clutch Bell 20 Tooth (1M)

Part Number: #77127 – HEAVY DUTY SPUR GEAR 47 TOOTH
MSRP: $25.00

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