Futaba 4PKS-R update


Seems several drivers have reported to Futaba that the Futaba 4PKS-R radio felt a bit different then what some drivers was expecting. It turns out Futaba found that those drivers were correct. Futaba typically sets their radios throttle mode (THMOD) to a default of 70-30. However the default setting on the 4PKS-R is actually set to 50-50 instead.

Futaba has provided a super simple and quick fix to reset it to 70-30 using these super simple steps.

  1. Pull up Menu Screen 2.
  2. Scroll to and select “THMOD.”
    Futaba 4PKS-R update1
  3. Scroll to “50/50”
  4. Hit the “+” button.
    Futaba 4PKS-R update2
  5. Throttle Mode will automatically reset to 70-30.
  6. Turn radio off, then on again.
    Futaba 4PKS-R update3

Just as easy as that. Thanks Futaba!