FTW Phoenix Body for Mugen MBX6T

Phoenix for Mugen MBX6T

FTW Racing has just made their Phoenix body available for the Mugen MBX6T buggy. To reduce the tendency for body disintegration caused by the recessed front body mount location of the MBX6T, this FTW Phoenix version is equipped with a kit that raises the front body mounts, allowing for a sleek and smooth hood area. The kit is comprised of a beefy .93″ thick polycarbonate bracket and all necessary hardware. Installation is quick and eliminates the weak spots that plague other body options for the MBX6T.

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XRAY’s XB9 body from FTW Racing


The XRAY XB9 just got fitted with one stealthy looking body – the new Night Fox body from FTW Racing has been tailored to fit XRAY XB9 luxury 1/8 Off-Road Buggy perfectly. Chiseled with precision to match the unique shape of the XB9, this Night Fox even accommodates the XB9’s dual rear body mount configuration. Massive down force cloaked in stealth is now available for the XB9.

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