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what is your favorite file sharing program?

I have used a lot of different ones, but like WinMX the best. It has alot of the samethings Napster had - Status of Bitrate, File Size, How many open slots on the user, and time length of the song, along with user speed and ping!

I use WinMX and Kazaa. IMO Kazaa is the best. EVERYTHING can be found out there and they way it downloads is very slick. The only thing is you have to make sure your running the latest and greatest. As with any Point to Point file sharing there are security concerns :)

I have used KaZaa in the past. And I really like it. It is easy to use and has good search capabilities. I give it a thumbs up.
I like Kazaa too, but it does use spyware, I have a spyware removal program and when I used it I could no longer run Kazaa. Does anyone know of any that dont use spyware?
I have played around with a lot only when I need them though anymore. I have been having pretty good luck with freewire latley. It seems that you have to have about 3 or 4o of these things loaded when you really want to find something then its off to the registry to delete all the extra addware adn spyware. X
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WinMX and Kazaa. I used WinMX the most. I usually get better files and it does not limit the search on file quality.
I have tried Kazaa and Winmx, out of the 2 i prefered Kazaa because the layout is better and it seems to be clearer.
Bearshare pro is da bomb. I love it.
A hacked version of Kazaa that doesn't use spywhere. That's what I have. Got it off Kazaa... dumbass's. You'd think they would at least try to block the downloading of their own modified software.

It also sets my priority setting at 1000 all the time, regardless how much I download or let others download from me.
right now I'm using limewire (its ok), i liked warez when i had that. all you guys still using kazaa are nuts, I've gotten so many bad files and there are so many viruses hidden on that network its rediculous. a good friend of mine likes Edonkey but for some reason it wont work on my computer.
Kazaa lite is what u want m8 no spy wearz
Haha, damn this's an old thread. Anyhoo, My favorite is XDCC Catcher. It simplifies downloading files off of IRC. Very little spyware downloaded and I have yet to download a file that isn't what is says it is.
DC++, no comparison. No fake files, no need to worry about MPAA or RIAA unless they are willing to share files too. The upside is a lot of great stuff, the downside is you need to have a decent share to get into any of the good hubs. Currently I am sharing over 109 GB's and I need to hold off until I get another hard drive. I would have bought a 250GB a long time ago but this hobby has gotten expensive :hammer: