You think maxx is the best ???

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I you like the T Maxx check out hpi new truck at it is %^%(^% sweet I think the monster truck market just got a little interesting:p
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don't now how just type it in
not so sure i like it.compatible with T-Maxx bits,can't they stand on their own two feet?
The Savage 21.
I like it, but there are things I don't like.
I'll wait for reviews of people who buy the first kits.
looks pretty cool, got a major resemblance to the t-maxx though.
Looks like the bar has been raised high enough. Traxxas has nothing in the .21 market. And it's growing fast. I'd hate to see them fall behind. Let's hope there's a monster in the works. Visually, that Savage is sweet. There are the usual question. Will it break? Is it made well? What are the weaknesses? How will the aftermarket support it? We'll see.

For now.....PLEASE....PLEASE...Traxxas, get a big block!!! PLEASE???
I'm hoping that the next Traxxas truck shares a lot of components and design with the current T-Maxx so that there may be a possibility that there will be a conversion kit.

...and that it is a .21 :D:banana::D
I think with all the other 1:8 .21 monsters on the market now that an HPI would have a better chance of stronger after market support then some of the others. I looked at that truck too but will reserve judgement on it until I get to see one in person. I hope that Traxxases big secret will be a .21 1:8 scale monster, hmmmmmm I guess I should make room in the rc garage for one more.

I think the maxx is thee original and the one and only REAL rc monster truck(nitro)

I agree Matts6887!

I am gonna wait to see what Traxxas has up their sleeve :p
About that 2.5 Maxx....Now, I'm not exactly sure, but isn't a 2.5cc equivalent to .15ci? I'm kinda disappointed. I was hoping for a big 'ol Super Duper Maxx. Looks like I will wait until Ofna's Titan or AE's monster hits the market before I buy a new truck. Oh well, maybe next year Traxxas will jump up to the 1/8 scale market.
Gunna just have to see what it brings in the way of reviews. Looks like Easy-Maxx might be right to me copying the T-Maxx shame on them. :D
Let's all remember that immitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Before the Maxx, the Monster truck world was either classic 4-links or Truggys. There is no doubt about the impact the Maxx has made. And because of that, there is no wonder most (not all) of the new Monsters coming out look like Maxxes. I say take it as a complement.
The only thing I like about that one is the side wall tread on the stock tires but you can get upgrade tires for the T-Maxx that has side tread.