you guys ever had an e-maxx

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i had an e-maxx,but went over to nitro.i must admit the e is so responsive in starting and stopping,it makes the T look tame.
i know they cannot be compared but wish my T could respond as fast.
I might be going in the other direction. I'm thinking of getting an E. But I will keep my T, too. Think adding an E is worth it? I like the thought of having a quiet ride that can wheelstand at any moment. Still want the smoke, noise and brute force of the T. Whaddya think?
yes they are just as good as a T,sometimes better.they can be used anywhere the T can plus more places where noise is an issue.
1 brushless motor can top 45 mph with 18 cells.imagine that indoors.the responsiveness is the best point cos you can get it to dance around on the spot.

What about a tmaxx with a .21 in it then it will have really good acceleration?
stick one brushless motor and controller in an e-maxx for the same price as a .21 and tuned pipe.
the winner is E-Maxx,i know this to be true,i have recorded one doing 45mph while loosing a tyre too.
i run T`s so it is not bull.i wish it was the other way round.
yea but why would i go out and buy n emaxx when i already have the t and get the brushless, i don't like electric so ill stick to my t and my soon to have .21 or .25:D
i`m not saying one is better than the other,they both do a great job at being the best nitro and electric trucks.we have just proved you cannot could go .25 or dual mill,someone could go dual brushless,on and on and on:eek:
at the end of the day this is an electric forum,so let the E win;) :banana:
yes yes very true, its like trying to compare a full suspension downhill racing bike against a cross country and asking the Q: which one is better? u could go on and on but u can't compare the two of them. In the electric forum E wins but in Nitro T all the way !!!!!!
so the winner this time is the E-Maxx and it`s upgrades.
I have a .21 t maxx and all it does is brake from the power and I can't bearlly get it to pop a wheelie so I'm really really thinking about getting one but I would like to see what traxxas is coming out with it could be a Bl novak maxx you never know :eek: but I like nitro but I think I would have liked the e maxx better does the e maxx brake a lot too
if you can bash or race where there is power to charge the battries,the stock e-maxx is great fun and the best electric monster truck out there,beef it up and it is an animal.well worth the money.
:bandit: guys i have a e-maxx. i love it over my nitro. the emaxx is quick and it has alot more power than a tmaxx. it is also easy. even though it is not all fun in games. I just sent back my 4rth blown speed control back to traxxas. i am switching to brushless. then i will be as fast as a .21 maxx and mine will be easier to maintain
brushless will be faster than a .21,if you get high rpm ones.
E is a sweet truck but batts go very quickly in it
Look at they have anounced the new wide maxx essentially it is a rpm widening kit and new .15 motor that they call the trx2.5 ahh don't you love advertising.
The trx15 is .15CI the new TRX2.5 is 2.5cc oh wait 2.5cc is .15ci they almost had me thinking they built a .24 for a moment oh well go read the hype. It is supposed to he the supper nitor engine. X:banana:
will the widening kit come on the revised e-maxx i wonder,if they are going to do the same for the e,or give it better motors?

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