XXXNT Trans. Mod.

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On your XXX dump the Losi washer setup in the dif and go with the AE spring from the GT trans. Remove the washers and replace them with the time proven AE pressure spring. This will eliminate the constant re-adjustment and nut stripping that the Losi transmission is so hated for.

Install the spring, Slowly and carefully tighten the spring until you feel it **just bottom out** then back it off 1/8th of a turn. Check it again after 1 tank of fuel. It should stay adjusted until your next rebuild. You will still need to check it as a matter of routine maintenance.
I hope this will help eliminate trany frustrations of my fellow XXXNT owners.
Do I still use the same nut and nut holder?

I just ordered a metal one by Hammond Grumman (spelling?) - I should be here in a couple of days.

I will go and get that spring tomorrow. Do you have a part number by chance boss?

Thanks for the info!!!! GREATLY NEEDED!

Everything stays the same just replace the bev. washers with the spring.

Ugg, I dont. You will have to get it in the rebuild kit. I think its called a stealth trans. I will look and get the AE # for you.

A link for the parts you orderd?
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