XTM X-Terminator 1/8th Scale RTR with 2.47!!

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It looks good the price is good but only 2.6hp I can get that from a good .21. I think I would have to see one up close.


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Pretty sharp. Their advertisement is a little goofy though. Kind of sounds like a poor car dealer's pitch.


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It looks like more of a play buggy to me. Hunter, I agreee with you, why get a bigger engine w/ less horsepower. My o-1 comp puts out more hp than that 24.7.


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but dont larger motors generally have more torque and a flatter, broader powerband? I'm just using logic from what i know with automobile engines....jsut because engine "A" has a 300 HP peak @ 6500rpm 290 TQ @ 4500-5500rpm doesn't mean it has engine B with 290 HP peak @ 5900rpm 290 TQ @ 3000-5200rpm beat..of course this is jsut hypothetical and i know nothing of the xtm 24-7 and the o-1 comps powrband/peaks.

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